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Today's Anti Aging Tips
Today's Weight Loss tip to help you look and feel great
Going cold turkey might not be the best approach to cutting out unhealthy foods. Rather than eliminating every type of unhealthy food from your diet, start with one item at a time. Get rid of the soft drinks first for example, then when your ready, cut out the fried foods. All in good time my friends, all in good time.
Today's Style tip to look and feel younger
Trade in your heavy, bulky cardigan for a sharp, fitted blazer or leather jacket. While a big, comfy cardigan may be comfortable, it will make you look older and heavier than you are. Guaranteed.
Today's tip to help boost your Energy and Stamina
Spice things up. Certain peppers and sauces (like cayenne and Tabasco) have been shown in studies to increase your energy, your metabolism, and your ability to burn fat.
Today's tip to help you Live Longer and Feel Great
Get a dog. For years, studies have shown that individuals who share their lives with a pet can add years to their overall life expectancy. For some people, especially those recovering from an illness, the company of a pet can help them recover and heal more quickly, usually by setting-off a relaxation response and a lowering of the stress hormone cortisol.
Today's Stress Reducing Step to keep your brain healthy and young
Exercise, exercise, exercise. The benefits of exercise are pretty clear. Working out lowers blood pressure, improves your overall health, reduces the risk of heart disease, you name it. Find a way to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. If you cannot spare a 30 minute block, break your time up into 10 minute segments.
Today's Sex tip to help you feel younger
Hug your mate. All it takes is 30 seconds of hugging to begin to release oxytocin, the mood enhancing youthful bonding hormone.
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