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Today's Anti Aging Tips
Today's Weight Loss tip to help you look and feel great
Get him a doggie bag, yeah!!! Dont feel like you have to eat everything on your plate. Ask your waiter to wrap up your leftovers and take them home with you..
Today's Style tip to look and feel younger
Can't see without your glasses? Great! A stylish, modern pair of glasses are an easy way to get a fresh, youthful look without too much effort.
Today's tip to help boost your Energy and Stamina
Learn to deal with, and if possible, avoid stress and stressful situations. Do some breathing exercises, write in a journal, go for a walk - or do whatever you do to de-stress. Stress is one of the quickest ways to lower both your physical and mental health and energy.
Today's tip to help you Live Longer and Feel Great
Inflammation has been linked to various signs of aging, including wrinkles, arthritis, and heart disease. Reduce the negative effects of inflammation by cutting back on smoking, eating better, getting enough sleep, and staying out of the sun as much as possible.
Today's Stress Reducing Step to keep your brain healthy and young
Cut back on excessive, unnecessary spending. Living beyond your means (or just paycheck to paycheck) can be extremely stressful. Decide if you can consolidate your credit card debt or obtain a lower interest rate. Consider canceling subscriptions to magazines you no longer read, or selling property you no longer use.
Today's Sex tip to help you feel younger
Consult a doctor. If you experience trouble with arousal, orgasm or feel pain during sex, see your doctor to determine the cause and fix your sex life.
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