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Today's Anti Aging Tips
Today's Weight Loss tip to help you look and feel great
There is definitely one thing you should not do when trying to lose weight: do not starve yourself! If you constantly skip meals, your body will think it is being starved. Eventually your body will begin storing calories in the form of fat instead of burning them up during the day.
Today's Style tip to look and feel younger
Get inspired! Find a celebrity whose style you admire, and then try adding elements of their style to your own wardrobe. Stars are usually up to date and wearing the most flattering clothing for their age and figure, making them easy sources of fashion inspiration.
Today's tip to help boost your Energy and Stamina
Some scents and odors have been found to stimulate your brain. The smell of lemons (or any citrus fruit really) along with mints can help wake up your brain when it's feeling a little tired.
Today's tip to help you Live Longer and Feel Great
Don't use harsh chemical-based products on your face – they can cause more harm than good. Natural, organic, or even home made facial products can be just as effective at fighting off the signs of aging.
Today's Stress Reducing Step to keep your brain healthy and young
Add a little culture to your day by taking your significant other to a symphony, play, or ballet. Most are inexpensive, but hey, even if they aren't, a day at the theatre is a perfect way to relax.
Today's Sex tip to help you feel younger
Go climbing together. The thrill of an outdoor adventure in combination with a healthy workout releases pheromones that increase hormone levels, increase energy and provide a bonding experience.