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Today's Anti Aging Tips
Today's Weight Loss tip to help you look and feel great
Pull out that toothbrush and go to work – on your teeth. Studies have shown that brushing your teeth after each meal not only helps keep them clean and healthy, but it has also been shown to signal your brain that mealtime is over..
Today's Style tip to look and feel younger
Carry your tablet or smartphone in style. A trendy cover for your electronics means that you're modern and sophisticated- and stylish, to boot.
Today's tip to help boost your Energy and Stamina
Maintain physical health by taking a swim. Swimming is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise around. Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming allows you to get a full-body (lower and upper) workout.
Today's tip to help you Live Longer and Feel Great
Follow your doctor's orders. Many people take the time to visit their doctor, but never stick to their doctor's advice or suggestions. Take your medicine and make the lifestyle changes that your doctor has recommended. It her or his job to look after you, so stop playing doctor yourself.
Today's Stress Reducing Step to keep your brain healthy and young
Stop trying to be perfect and just try to be human. We all make mistakes, so give yourself a break. While you're at it, try giving others a break too, since they're not perfect either.
Today's Sex tip to help you feel younger
Swap initiation. Make initiating sex a game to alternate responsibility. It will remove the pressure from having sex and possibly increase the amount of times you have sex.