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Today's Anti Aging Tips
Today's Weight Loss tip to help you look and feel great
Keep track of your workout and exercise routines. In a journal, make a note of how far you walked, how much time you spent on the treadmill, or how many repetitions of a lift you did. Tracking your routine will help you identify what is working and what is not. From here, you have the ability to make any changes to your routine if they are not helping..
Today's Style tip to look and feel younger
Get inspired! Find a celebrity whose style you admire, and then try adding elements of their style to your own wardrobe. Stars are usually up to date and wearing the most flattering clothing for their age and figure, making them easy sources of fashion inspiration.
Today's tip to help boost your Energy and Stamina
Avoid the dreaded food hangover by not eating foods high in salt, fat, and calories right before you go to sleep.Eating these types of foods at night can actually cause you to wake up tired and sluggish the next morning.
Today's tip to help you Live Longer and Feel Great
Follow your doctor's orders. Many people take the time to visit their doctor, but never stick to their doctor's advice or suggestions. Take your medicine and make the lifestyle changes that your doctor has recommended. It her or his job to look after you, so stop playing doctor yourself.
Today's Stress Reducing Step to keep your brain healthy and young
Stop trying to be perfect and just try to be human. We all make mistakes, so give yourself a break. While you're at it, try giving others a break too, since they're not perfect either.
Today's Sex tip to help you feel younger
Have sex while pregnant. As long as there are no pregnancy complications, sex while you are pregnant can help relieve discomfort and stress. It also helps bond you to your partner.