Making Vegetables Tasty
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    Help me with vegetables. I usually steam them because it’s quick and easy, but they are so boring. How do you make them so you actually want to eat them?

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    I like most of my veggies in gravy, even if it is in something simple like a homemade potpie. That is the first way we could really get the kids to eat them too. Has anyone here put mayonnaise on broccoli before? We have a kid that likes that too.

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    I’ve never heard of putting mayo on broccoli, chub, but several kids in this family are obsessed with ketchup and I have seen ketchup on broccoli before. Personally, I like either cheese sauce or a bit of melted margarine on my veggies.

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    Butter, butter, butter :o). I don’t believe in the low-fat craze. Our bodies need fats to be healthy and most “low-fat” processed foods have unhealthy things added to make them taste better. I lost 80 pounds in the last couple of years while eating fats so I can say it really works. My advice is to stick to the good fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts, dark chocolate) with some of the other fats that I believe are reasonably healthy (real mayonnaise, real butter). So put butter on your vegetables — just don’t go crazy!

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    I like grated cheese on a lot of types of vegetables, including salads. Just a little melted cheese makes a lot of vegetables so much better. For vegetables that don’t really work with cheese, I also like butter.

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    I’m a cheese and butter fan as well if I’m just steaming the vegetables. Alternatively, try roasting them with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil. That is usually really good, especially for root vegetables.

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    I’ve been avoiding adding fat to my vegetables but I guess maybe that is the way to go. 😉 I will probably try the roasting first. Thank you!

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    We tend to do a veggie tray and a cheese with meats tray, this way everyone is covered. We also try to limit the dressings for the veggies. I know everyone loves ranch but I like to set out a second or even third dressing that is lighter so people have a chance to try and eat healthier.

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    Irena Junkar

    I dress my steamed veggies mediterranian way:
    In a skillet warm up good olive oil, add garlic ( cut to small pieces), add pinch of salt and powdered chili and warm up until the garlic starts to smell. Ready to pour over your veggies. Do not overheat the oil!
    You can alter this by adding a few pieces of dried tomato, ad curcuma or other spices, Indian are the best.
    Try it! Good appetite!

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